Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Tights Situation

Patterned Tights Are Everywhere!  So are colored tights! (but those are for another post...)

I know a lot of people who either don't like patterned tights, like them and don't know what to wear them with, or love them and wear them incorrectly all the time.  Just because the tights are black doesn't mean you can wear them with anything!

You should treat black patterned tights like a gold bag or red shoes: the outfit must be designed around them.  So you build from the bottom up (literally!)

These tights from Forever21 are a great quality.  I own a pair and I've worn them now about ten times and they have one tiny rip on the upper thigh that hasn't grown into a full on tear, so you're getting your money's worth.  If you're uneasy about wearing a patterned tight, start out by wearing it with a knee high boot.  That way, not that much of the tights will be showing.  Put on a black corduroy skirt and an ivory turtle neck and you are good to go!

Here's another option: Put on the black patterened tights.  Then through on a pair of black patent leather pumps, or patent leather flats.  Choose a grey, black or purple sweater dress, put a thick black patent leather belt with it, and bam!  You have an outfit!

Do you see where I am going with this?  Simplicity is key!  Let the tights be the star of the outfit, because that's what they are.  They are going to immediately draw the eye to your legs, so why wear something that tries to compete with that and fails?

Price: $6.80

Made By: Forever21

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