Friday, December 18, 2009

The Plain White Button Down Collared Shirt

(I know the shirt in the picture is blue, but imagine it's white, and let's move on from there!)

I have trouble finding a classic button down white shirt. Sometimes the buttons are stretched right at the center, leaving an awkward and inappropriate hole in my chest area. Sometimes after one washing, the shirt no longer feels the way it did in the store (I'm still not sure why!) A lot of "plain" white shirts have some sort of embellishment on them, like a bow on the shoulder, or a silver trim on the bottom. If I wanted some sort of weirdo embellishment, I wouldn't be looking for a "plain white shirt" would I?

My search for the perfect button down white shirt ended about six months ago when I found this brooks brothers shirt. Yes, it is normally very expensive! Which is why, up until now, I only owned one. I can personally attest to the resilience of this shirt. Wash after wash, it feels and looks exactly the same as the day I bought it. No awkward boob-hole! Always clean, crisp and chic. I love to tuck it into slacks and wear a big flashy necklace with some kick ass heels, bringing my outfit as fashion forward as you can get in a conservative office. It's also great to tuck into an A-line or pencil skirt and head out looking like you just stepped off the set of Mad Men. Yeah, you know you want to look like that ;)

Made By: Brooks Brothers

Price: $51.20 (down from $128.00)

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