Friday, December 4, 2009


About two years ago, I offered to buy my poor college student brother a pair of new jeans. I initially recommended skinny jeans to him, but he quickly tried to dismiss the idea. He is 5'11 and over 200 lbs. He figured that skinny jeans wouldn't look good on him. He said only hipsters wear skinny jeans.

Since I had the power of the purse strings, I demanded he try a pair of skinny jeans on. Lo and behold...they fit wonderfully! He could not deny that they looked better than all of the other pairs of jeans he had tried on. They made him look taller and leaner than any jean ever had. That day, I converted my brother to a skinny jeans guy. He still has those jeans today.

So men, I say to you: go for the Levi's 511 skinny! It is the everyman jean. Block from your mind the fact that it is "skinny" and give it a try. And when you look in the mirror, be honest with yourself, as you admit that you've never looked better.

Price: $69.50

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