Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The most interesting necklaces are the ones that pair simplicity with complexity. What does that ridiculously cryptic statement mean? It means necklaces that incorporate complicated elements into a simplistic design are the cat's pajamas.

The metal pieces that comprise this necklace are complex and unusual. However, only three are used and they are arranged in a simple order on a simple chain.

I saw the opposite of this necklace the other day for $14.95 in fake gold. The shape used was a four leaf clover, and there must have been twenty of them on the necklace. Too much! TOO MUCH! That necklace was not edited. But this one was! And that's why you should buy it :)

Full disclosure: This necklace was made by someone I know. It popped up on my facebook newsfeed last night. It's her first venture into jewelry making, and I'm a fan. Great job Christina! I always like it when people I know do creative and wonderful fashion related things!

Visit Black Door's Etsy store here.

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