Monday, December 14, 2009

One-Shoulder Wonder

I really like this dress and it's a shame I can't wear it. 

Why can't I wear it?  For starters, I look horrible in one shoulder dresses.  You need a long torso to wear a one shoulder dress and I am short-waisted so it isn't happening!

It also will hug every curve and I am so curvy that this dress could make me look hippy all too quickly.

This dress is for:
1. Girls with long torsos!
2. Girls that are super thin.
3. Tall girls (over 5'8)
4. Girls with no hips.

Everyone should take a long good look at their body in a mirror and know your shape!  Anyone can assess what their body looks good in.  When you don't look good in a dress, it's not because you're fat, or that your hips or too big, or that your arms are too flabby.  All it means is that it's not the right dress!  There is nothing wrong with you.  You need to find what fits YOUR body best.  Find the dress that's made for YOU!

I like the red color because it's not slap-you-in-the-face red.  It's a more versatile red that is good for every season except summer.  It can also be very very fancy or more casual, and it will totally depend on the accessories you use.

Price: $69.00 (down from $88.00)

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