Friday, December 11, 2009

Roses Are Red, These Boots Are Blue

You've probably never ever thought about buying a blue boot.

The thought never crossed your mind!  You probably never even registered in your head that blue boots exist.  

They were always on the shelf, you just blocked them out.  

Why?  Why would you do that to an awesome shoe?  Because it's blue?  Are you too good for a blue shoe?

This is definitely the kind of purchase where you say to yourself "I have nowhere that I could wear that boot to," and the minute you buy it, there are a million places to go where blue boots are all the rage.  Your clothes will jump for joy at the sight of these boots.  

List of things you can wear these boots with:

1. A yellow dress
2. Gray skinny jeans
3. A brown leather mini skirt.
4. Black leggings
5. A striped shirt dress.
6. A ruffly black party dress.


Made By: ALDO

Price: $129.98 (down from $180.00)

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