Monday, December 28, 2009

Let's All Have Some Tea

You never know when you're going to have to go to tea or a fancy ladies luncheon.

No, I'm not saying this as a joke. I'm being serious! A couple of years ago, I looked in my closet and realized I had one sexy dress after another, but no tea party dresses. If a dress was on the conservative side, it was too "worky." If it was colorful, it was a short mini dress that is not appropriate for a meal eaten at noon. I knew then that I had to invest in a conservative, yet stylish and cute, ladies luncheon dress.

I like this one because it shows off shoulders. You can't go wrong with showing off shoulders, and by not putting anything constricting around the arm, it will look leaner (no over=pronounced flab!) I'm not that into florals, but right now they are everywhere, and this is a pretty non-obnoxious one.

The dress is made by Walter. He came on my radar during fashion week and I fell in love :) See his collection here.

Made By: Walter.

Price: $118 (down from $297)

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