Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Satin Delight

When I first saw this skirt, I immediately went gaga for it, but it took me a second to figure out what I would wear it with, and where I would wear it.

What to wear it with: a black silk or satin top. I know thats specific, but because it's satin, you can't pair it with wool or cotton. You need to defer to the material. Silk and satin blouses are everywhere these days. Pair it with the skirt, tuck it in, throw on some textured black tights and black pumps and you are good to go.

Now..where to wear it. You can't wear it to work (unless you work for a fashion magazine) because it's a little too fancy. But you can wear it to the fancy events in your life that do not require black tie. Think dinner parties! Charity cocktail hours. The opera! The reason the skirt is $9.99 right now is not because it's a bad skirt. It's because no one can figure out what to pair it with. But now you know!

Made By: Arden B

Price: $9.99

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