Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Classic Trench Coat

It's raining cats and dogs today here in New York. I could hear it when I woke up this morning, and then every moment after that until I walked out the door was spent dreading the elements. If only I had a trench coat!

Even though I was using an umbrella, my normal winter coat was soaked. Probably because whatever wool/cashmere blend it is isn't meant for a trip in the rain. There is something magical about a trench coat in the rain. You just don't feel as soaked. And even if you do get wet, you're looking so stylish you maybe don't care quite as much.

Although the picture is a tan trench coat, I personally would go for the black, and I also support the choice of the red. What matters here is not color, but brand and fit. London Fog are masters of the trench coat. I like a double-breasted trench coat because it looks sleeker. And finally, that's a great belt :)

Price: $94.99 (down from $146.00)

Made By: London Fog

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