Wednesday, December 9, 2009

These Boots Were Made For Glammin'

Let's be honest, this is a boot you'll wear maybe twice a year? It's really only appropriate for going out on a Friday or Saturday night, and even then, you should be going to a swanky lounge or a club.

I've seen a lot of crazy boots recently that were over $100. Why would you pay that for something you are almost never going to wear???

Forever21's recent shoe expansion fills a very important missing link in the footwear market: the disposable shoe. You're not gonna get more than ten wears out of these shoes. I'm sure the sequins will start to come off, you'll grow tired of the pain they put on your feet, etc. But who cares? By then, you've already worn them as much as you would want anyway.

Most Forever21's are opening shoe departments in their stores, so take a look! Bask in the glow that is the disposable shoe.

Price: $24.50

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