Thursday, December 3, 2009

Punk Rocker Chic

Before you say anything, I KNOW the skirt has the studs on it. And no, it's not from Hot Topic (although I am posting something from that store later.)

I bought this skirt and I absolutely love it. It's a pleather mini skirt. What is not to love? Wear a shirt that covers the studs and call it a night. Guys go nuts for pleather. Especially non stretchy, well made pleather that really mimicks leather, like the material for this skirt. They can't tell the difference. Also, men are obsessed with leather. This is a weird thing to say, but they like their women like they like their couches: covered in leather.

All in all, a wonderful black mini skirt. Size note: I am normally a medium in Forever 21 skirts, and I bought a large in this one. I have 36 inch hips, and although the medium fit, I wanted it to be less stretchy and just sort of sit (not hug) my hips. So I went for the large! No amount of time in a gym could make these hip bones smaller...yay hips!

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