Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Denim Delight

In my opinion, it's hard to wear a denim dress without looking a little too "country." That being said, I own two denim dresses. The stiff nature of denim makes it a great material for those who like structure in their ensembles.

Now I want to add this Anthropologie denim shirt dress to my collection. It would work perfectly on it's own or with a belt. I think a red leather belt would would be a great contrast to the light denim, and would give a waist effect for those girls who want it. I also think this would pair well with ivory mary janes.

This denim dress is also a master of illusion. Is it dressy? Is it casual? That's the thing...it's what you make it! And it will match everyone in the room around you because it adapts to whatever everyone else is wearing. Denim dresses are the chameleons of the fashion world!

It's also nice that it's 50% off ;) ($79.95 down from $168.00)

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