Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gorgeous Gems

Teal gem earrings! Made for a girl with blond or red hair (but a few lucky brunettes can probably wear them, too.)

You can file this post under my current gem obsession.

I wear a lot of headbands because I have side bangs that are hard to keep under control. Since my ears are HUGE, I wear a lot of stud earrings to deflect their dumbo-like quality. (Ok maybe they are not super gigantic, but the earrings are a necessity!) These are more exciting than your normal stud. It's nice to glam up something small in your ensemble because it makes everything else sparkle just a little bit more.

At a price of $3.00, with only $2.00 for shipping, these earrings are absolutely worth their grand total of $5.

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