Wednesday, December 2, 2009

GUYS BUYS: Holiday Ties!

It's December, which means it's holiday season. For most men, this also means that it is the time to dust off a truly obnoxious Christmas or Hannukah themed tie. Maybe your tie is baby blue with a giant dreidel on it. Or perhaps it's Santa in sunglasses sitting on a beach! You probably hate this tie, but have no better option.

Enter: Non-cheezy and awesome holiday tie!

Why is this tie good?
1. Snowmen. Nondenominational!
2. Bright blue. Says "I'm spreading the holiday spirit" without saying "HEY HERE I AM LOOK AT ME LOOK AT MEEEEEE!"
3. Classy pattern. The snowmen are not so big that someone ten feet away would know they are snowmen. Understatement is key here!

The tie is also affordable, because who wants to lay down a ton of money for a Christmas tie anyway?

Price: $15.95 (down from $49.50)

Happy holidays :)

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