Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Velveteen Fashionista

Is this blazer on sale? Nope. It's $152.

Is it gonna go on sale? Nope, probably not. Maybe after Christmas, but it will sell out so quickly it will make your head spin.

Despite these facts, this is still a great buy. I went to the store and tried it on. It fits REALLY well. It gives almost anything you are wearing a sleek tailored look. I had a pair of crappy old jeans and a t-shirt on and once I put the blazer on, I looked ready to meet the President!

If you run a google search for "Banana Republic coupon codes," lots of codes will pop up for discounts, free shipping, etc. And that will bring the price down. But you know what? This is an investment piece.

Say it with me now!


Barring an unfortunate dry cleaning accident or a massive weight gain, you're gonna have this blazer forever. And that's why it's OK for you to spend $152.00 on this blazer. I looked around for velvet blazers. Most of them are crappy. This one is quality.

1 comment:

  1. Great quality, but I'd caution against it if you're a bit top heavy, because if you button it the top blouses out and makes you look even bustier.