Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Shake Your Bootie

On the subway during my commute, I counted seventeen (seventeen!!!) different women on the express train between grand central and times square in black ankle booties. While all of the boots had different shapes and embellishments, I was kind of shocked that not one of these women went for a color other than black. It was at that moment that I set out to find affordable, stylish brown ankle booties.

My wardrobe is brown boot based, meaning that I made a decision a long time ago about what colors look best on me, and it just happens that those colors are best matched with brown boots. But even I have a pair of black ankle booties and not a pair of brown ones! Ladies, there just is not much out there. I mean, I really looked! And looked! And LOOKED. And then finally, after a long search, I found this gorgeous brown ankle boot. The cuff at the top will make those who are self conscious about their ankles or calves more at ease, as this particular style serves to make the leg look thinner.

There is a fashion caveat to this. Ankle boots can tend to make girls with short calves look stumpy. So take out a ruler and measure your calf. If the distance from the ankle to the knee is less than twelve inches, this is not the boot for you (but there are lots of other boots for you so don't worry!)

Price: $82.90 (down from $124.95)

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